A Discovered Blessing

Chickasha Sports Complex was tired of rainouts and material blowing off our infields! Chickasha Sports Complex has been BLESSED!

Blessing Gravel Special Blend infield material has been an awesome addition to our 15 baseball and softball fields at Chickasha Sports Complex.

We’ve been adding Blessing Special Blend infield material for the past three years. It has cut our prep time in half after rain.

It was introduced to me by the head baseball coach at Central High School. We were officiating football one Friday night, and he started explaining to Tom Hurst (baseball coach at Ninnekah High School) and I about this new product he found in Tishomingo. 

He went out to his field and brought back a 24 oz. cup full of the material, so Coach and I put it to the test and poured a 20 oz. bottle of water in the cup then went out and worked the first half. When we returned to the locker room for halftime, the water was gone.

The next week I ordered our first 75 tons, and we’ve been adding the material every year since. The material is easy to work and is heavy enough not to blow!

We’ve shared our blessing with several area high schools. Blessing Sports Surfaces has the BEST PRICE and great customer service! Thank you Joyce and Team Blessing!