Highly Desireable

I have been coaching high school softball for 18 years and have used many different types of infield surfaces.

Recently, we resurfaced out infield here at Roff with a product we obtained through Blessing Sports Surfaces. I have been very pleased with the results.

Our new surface doesn’t blow when drug or in windy conditions, which is safer for our fans and players.

My girls don’t mind sliding on our field near as much as fields with coarser and chemically treated surfaces.

Daily maintenance is very easy since our new surface maintains its integrity with little effort.

We host an annual high school fast pitch tournament in the fall. It seems every year at that time we get rain and have, at times, lost days of our tournament due to poor field conditions.

This past fall we received heavy rain during the night, and many coaches were completely amazed that we were able to play the next day.

I believe all of the attributes make this a highly desirable product for softball and baseball fields.